Experiential Marketing NYC

HighLife Productions is a multi-faceted cultural curator and a community expert, specializing in community-driven brand development for the food an beverage industry in particular. Highlife creates and implements targeted experiential campaigns and communication initiatives for beverage, technology, CPG, financial, real estate, and media brands.

Cultural Creation: Experiential Events Conceived And Executed To Maximize The Depth Of Their Impact

  • hand crafted, custom, live immersions
  • 360 degree creative direction, design, and production
  • in-house food and beverage programs
  • in-house model staffing and brand ambassador divisions
  • music, art, food, drink, and production design curation
  • event and music programming
  • talent booking
  • VIP liasons
  • guest list curation and outreach
  • regulatory compliance, permits, and licenes

Community Building: Understanding And Shaping Your Brands Target Audience

  • brand and audience audit
  • social and influencer strategy
  • community and audience strategy
  • PR collaboration & media and press outreach

Promotion: Raise Awareness And Elevate Brand Experiences

  • bespoke content creation and photo capture
  • access to a 20k+ email list of creatives, tastemakers, and influencers
  • curated network of sub-promoters and ambassadors
  • tasteful and elevated brand partnerships