Tyler Hollinger

Andrew Maturana

Todd Muchow

Brenton Wolf

Linnea Hamingson 


Tyler Hollinger – Founder + Creative Director + Senior Event Producer

Tyler has over 15 years of experience in the New York City event industry and is an innovator when it comes to branding, technology, and design. His meticulous work ethic and hands-on approach ensure every event is produced to the highest of standards. Consistently pushing the boundaries in experiential marketing Tyler believes this UI/UX to be extremely undervalued and helps brands and individuals create moments and transcend experiences creating truly memorable events His clients include fortune 500 companies, haute couture, international brands, celebrities, socialites, executives, and much, much more. In addition Tyler’s rolodex of contacts and vendors in the New York City event industry is vast and unique helping put the finishing touches on the finest celebrations in the city.

Andrew Maturana – Head Chef + Owner of Rapt Hospitality

Chef Andrew believes in using seasonal, locally sourced ingredients and working with a knowledgeable, detail- oriented staff. Responsible sourcing and innovation is our main objective. All ingredients are locally sourced within 100 miles of New York City and delicious.

Brenton Wolf – Florist

Trained with creative giants Robert Isabell and Renny Reynolds in the mid-1990s, his florals are exceptional installation art for all occasions. Notable clients include: Refinery 29, Martha Stewart, Beyoncé, Trump, Sean Combs, Armani, Dior, Marriott, Christy Turlington, Swarovski, CFDA, Ferrari, and more.

Todd Muchow – Event Photography

Linnea Hamingson – Junior Event Producer

Linnea’s passion for organization, ingenuity, and artistry have pushed her to succeed in an ever-changing environment. With a background in restaurants, she has worked with Gibsons Restaurant Group in Chicago and Gerber Group here in NYC. Linnea graduated from DePaul University with a BS in Event Management and is eager to share her adoration for this industry.