Independent Contractor Form

The following is our agreement and summarize the terms of the agreement we have discussed. You will be responsible for successfully completing the described event according to specifications in your Booking Confirmation.

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We will not deduct or withhold any taxes, FICA or other deductions that we are legally required to make from the pay of employees. As an independent contractor, you will not be entitled to any fringe benefits such as unemployment insurance, medical insurance, pension plans or other such benefits that would be offered to employees. If the company incurs any expenses due to impersonation of an employee, then that contractor will be required to make compensation. During this event, you may be in contact with or directly working with proprietary information that is important to our company and its competitive position. All information must be treated with strict confidence and may not be used at any time or in any manner in work you may do with others in our industry. We do not require specific job training and you are encouraged to book other jobs during hours when you are not working for us.:
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*by accepting this booking, you acknowledge that you are working as Highlife staff and representing the company in such matter. Therefore, you are expected to be on time, dress appropriately, and be courteous, engaging, and friendly. All proprietary information about said event/planning/production is exclusively Highlife Property and you consent to all photography and videography that may be taken of you and your work at said event.